После пожарите, поплава во Атина

Со сериозни проблеми се соочуваат граѓаните во северните предградија на Атина поради силната бура што денеска го погоди овој дел од градот..

Страшно видео од ураганот Ирма кој ја уништува плажата Махо

Видео од страшниот ураган Ирма кој ја уништи плажата Махо на островот Св.Мартин . Инаку плажата Махо е една од најпосетените туристички места на островот.

Live footage as Hurricane Irma destroys Maho Beach Cam in St Maarten 9/6/2017

ВИДЕО: Апокалиптично невреме во Истанбул, има и повредени

Силно невреме попладнево го погоди турскиот град Истанбул.

Водата однела многу возила, а граѓаните останаа заглавени, враќајќи се накај дома во попладневниот сообраќаен шпиц.

Летовите на Меѓународниот аеродром Ататурк се откажани, а не работни ни метро сообраќајот, соопштија властите.

ВИДЕО: Во ураганско невреме во Москва 13 мртви и 105 повредени

Билансот на жртвите во невремето кое денеска го погоди главниот град на Русија се искачи на 13 загинати и 105 повредени.

Повредените се хоспитализирани во 10 болници во Москва, а локалните власти предупредуваат дека бројот на жртви може да се зголеми.

Russia: Debris flies through the air as storm rips through Moscow street

Преземено од a1on.mk

Торнадо во Рим, Италија денеска 06.11.2016

WOW damaging tornado in Rome, Italy awhile ago!! Unfortunatelly several deaths reported as well.

Source: Meteo Puglia e dintorni

Reed Timmer: Meteorologist and Extreme Storm Chaser

Closeby video of the Cesano, Rome, Italy tornado this afternoon! Video via Youreporter.it

tornado vo rim

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Timelapse on Lightning Show on 9/7/2016

Timelapse on Lightning Show on 9/7/2016

The city was hit by a whopping 10,000 bolts of lightning during an epic 12-hour overnight thunderstorm, with even meteorologists taken aback by the intensity.

Hong Kong residents were barely starting to cool down from the hottest July day in half a century when the Observatory issued a thunderstorm warning at 6.45pm on Saturday, alerting the public to seek shelter and get off high ground.



Downburst in Warsaw, Poland

As strong thunderstorms erupted across parts of Northwestern to North-Central Europe, some of the storms formed in regions characterized by relatively high convective instability which helped to produce thunderstorms with very strong updrafts.  Along with the presence of very strong vertical updraft velocities, these storms also quickly developed very robust downdrafts. Some storms such as this one observed over in Warsaw, Poland yesterday afternoon produced an atmospheric phenomena which is scientifically referred to as a downburst.  Downbursts typically occur as a consequence of downdrafts associated with intense thunderstorm being enhanced by rain-cooled air which effectively speeds up the rate at which air descends in the region of the thunderstorm’s downdraft due to the increased density of the rain-cooled air as compared to the more buoyant surrounding environment.  As a consequence of this denser rain-cooled air descending through the lower/middle parts of the thunderstorm, it races towards the surface quite violently which facilitates strong episodic bursts of strong winds such as that observed in the footage below as captured by Szymon Świeży


Lightning strikes at German Rock am Ring festival injuring 71 fans

Lightning strikes at German Rock am Ring festival injuring 71 fans

At least 71 people have been injured by a lightning storm at a music festival in Germany.

The 45,000 music fans at the ‘Rock am Ring’ event in Mendig, were lashed with torrential rain and stormy skies yesterday.

Suddenly, a powerful column of lightning hit the crowd. A total of 13 of those hurt are in a serious condition.

Pictures and video taken at the scene show the fury of the weather, flooded tents, revellers caked in mud walking past paramedics and crowds running from the point of impact.

One piece of footage showed the moment the powerful bolt hit with a deafening crack.

Tornado – Jagodina, Serbia

Tornado – Jagodina, Serbia

The town of Jagodina in central Serbia on Tuesday afternoon experienced a strong storm, with a tornado-like “landspout” forming in the sky.

The storm lasted half an hour, while the rotating column of air – a rare meteorological occurrence in Serbia – dissipated after about 15 minutes.

State broadcaster RTS said the Radar Center in Besnjaja reported that anti-hail missiles were fired into the storm clouds in the area, while small hailstones fell in Cuprija, Jagodina, and surrounding villages.



A sudden hail storm in Russia (Novosibirsk)

Swimmers on the popular river beach say there was no warning on a sunny day before the downpour of hailstones, some the size of golf balls and hen eggs.

Temperatures on Saturday 12 July were as hot as 37C – or 99F – in Siberia’s largest city, Novosibirsk, the day the hail cloudburst struck.

Suddenly in late afternoon heavy winds hit the sandy beach between two bridges across the Ob River, the fifth longest in the world.

Swimmers waded out of the water covering their heads. They shielded themselves under parasols and blow-up sun beds to stay clear of the giant hailstones.

Some children were in tears, sheltering under trees, as the hail bombardment struck the beach vicinity.

‘It was like being hit by raining bullets from the sky,’ said one sunbather.

‘My husband was protecting my young daughter but his back was exposed to the hailstones and he has bruising all over it,’ said one woman.

Siberia is known the world over for its ice – but hailstorms of this intensity are rare in summer, when temperatures are similar to Mediterranean resorts.

Towels, beach mats and personal possessions were sent flying by heavy winds as the hailstones pummelled bathers and the beach.

‘If we die, I love you,’ a female voice is heard saying on dramatic video footage of the deluge.

Some sunbathers managed to take cover under metal roofing on shacks near the beach.

The river looked as if thousands of children had thrown stones into its waters all at the same time.

The tower blocks of Novosibirsk were barely visible across the water so thick was the storm.

Grassy areas near the beach were left covered in a white sheen of hail after the storm – which lasted a matter of minutes – ended.

Footage by several local people was uploaded on the internet soon after the freak storm.

The beach is close to the centre of Novosibirsk and is a popular summer recreation spot for locals.

Our pictures also show what it looks like normally on a calm summer day.