И испаднаа градите среде емисија а водителката си продолжи да зборува како ништо да не се случило (ВИДЕО)

Речиси секојдневен тренд стана на некоја водителка да ѝ излезат градите додека емисијата се емитува во живо (случајно или не). Во продолжение, можете да го видите најновиот испад. Обично се случува некој од присутните да ги предупреди водителките за нивните немирни гради, но овој пат тоа остана незабележано.

TV presenter left exposed by on air wardrobe malfunction but doesnt even notice

i ispadnaa gradite sosema slucajno

Запален водител ја соблече старлетата среде емисија во живо

Бесна и понижена шпанската старлета Јола Берокал го напушти студиото за време на емисија во живо поради лошото однесување на водителот.

Имено, старлетата седеше до водителот, а беше облечена во фустан со исклучително длабоко деколте кое јасно ги откриваше нејзините големи гради.

Водителот, веројатно поттикнат од идејата да ги види голи градите на старлетата, го повлече фустанот додека таа не гледаше и цела нејзина града излезе на видело. Публиката и гледачите на телевизија ја видоа разголена старлетата, која не успеа навреме да се покрие.


Yola Berrocal – Apresentador esbarra no vestido. Nudes ao vivo.

Glass Harp Duo – TV Show

GlassDuo was founded by Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec from Poland.

Some time ago, being charmed with the sound of musical glasses, they abandoned their places in the symphony orchestra in Gdansk and started to realize their own idea of performing.

Today they play the glass harp in duo and with other musicians as well. They’ve successfully performed with string quartets and various chamber ensembles.

GlassDuo have worked together with the majority of Polish orchestras including The Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra and Sinfonia Varsovia as well as with orchestras from outside Poland.

They are the only glass music group in Poland, one of a very few professional ensembles in the world.

GlassDuo’s instrument is the biggest professional glass harp in the world. Its range covers 5 octaves. Goblets are professionally tuned and ready to play without any water inside.

Musicians had several world premieres of musical works composed especially for them. The result are pieces composed by Zbigniew Preisner, Mieczysław Litwiński, Garry Eister, Zbigniew Pniewski, Piotr Salaber, Tom Smail, Anna Pęcherzewska, Aleksander Przeradowski, Jean Chatillon and Daniele Furlati.

GlassDuo made numerous recordings for radio and TV cooperated with, amongst others: Arte TV, Discovery Chanel, BBC, TVN, TVP1, TVP2, TVP Gdańsk, TVP Polonia, Polsat, PR1, ANTENA 3, Deutsche Welle, Public Radio International, Reuters, LRytas TV and Associated Press.

‘Glassy’ music also inspires artists from the realm of theatre. To date, music recorded by GlassDuo has appeared in: A. Mickiewicz “Forefathers’ Eve” (music by Monika Zytke, New Theatre, Słupsk, 2007), W. Gombrowicz “The Marriage” (arrangements by GlassDuo, Stefan Jaracz Theatre, Łódź, 2007), M. Sałtykow-Szczedrin “Judas”, based on the story “Mr. & Mrs. Gołowlew” (music by Piotr Salaber, Ateneum Theatre, Warsaw, 2010).

Red Hot Chili Peppers Carpool Karaoke

Red Hot Chili Peppers Carpool Karaoke

Red Hot Chili Peppers were the latest artists to cram in James Corden’s vehicle to help the Late Late Show host get to work on time for “Carpool Karaoke,” although the host likely regretted that decision as soon as Anthony Kiedis and Flea begin arguing about directions around Los Angeles within the first minute.

In addition to singing RHCP tracks “Give It Away,” “Under the Bridge,” “Californication,” new single “Dark Necessities” and a song from the musical Oliver!, Kiedis and Flea also debuted “Heemi Lheemey,” a nonsensical, quasi-yodel the pair wrote as 15-year-olds while “smoking large quantities of marijuana” in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

A conversation about Greco-Roman-style wrestling somehow results in Corden challenging Kiedis to a “grapple” – “I would destroy you,” the host warned the singer – and suddenly the two are on some stranger’s lawn, trying to take each other down like a pair of high school wrestlers. (Kiedis ended up pinning Corden.) “I didn’t realize what level you were at then. I didn’t see that coming, Kiedis,” Corden said. Drummer Chad Smith quipped, “It’s a new show, Front Lawn Wrestling.”

Later on in the ride, guitarist Josh Klinghoffer revealed his biggest nightmare is to one day be forced by the band to strip naked for a performance, while Kiedis indulged in tales of Cher babysitting him when he was 12. “She was fit and fine,” Kiedis reminisced.

The carpool ended with the singing of “By the Way” and Corden telling the band, “I never expected this to be as fun as it has been. People say ‘don’t meet your heroes,’ but I don’t think they’ve ever met the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”