90 Секунди со Мартија Станојковиќ

[ сезона 02, епизода 10 ] „90 SECONDS“ е серијал во кој што еден гостин одговара на брзо поставени забавни прашања и има 90 секунди за истите.

Светско а наше | Мартија ја заокружи годината со „Get Crazy“

Само неколку дена до крајот на 2018, Мартија Станојковиќ одлучи оваа мошне успешна година да ја заокружи со темата насловена „Get Crazy“. Станува збор за уште еден потенцијален хит за талентираната кумановка, кој повторно го потпишуваат американските автори  Џеф Герити, Џош Глејзер, Алија Џејд и Ерл Коен, со кои соработуваше и за претходно објавените „Next To Me“ и „That’s The Way We Like It“.

Мартија продолжува да реди хитови со „Next To Me“

Tалентираната кумановка Мартија Станојковиќ продолжува да реди хитови во својата кариера, а следен во низата е штотуку објавениот сингл насловен „Next To Me“. Станува збор за песна отпеана на англиски јазик, чии автори се Џеф Герити, Џош Глејзер, Алија Џејд и Ерл Коен, во чие студио се снимаше, продуцираше и миксаше самата песна.

Мартија Станојковиќ нè разнежи со емотивната балада „Те сакам“

Пинковата ѕвездичка Мартија Станојковиќ, со својот моќен глас ја воодушеви публиката во целиот регион, а подоцна и во цела Европа, претставувајќи ја Македонија на детската „Евровизија“ во 2016 година. Кумановската тинејџерка потоа нè разигра и со хитот „I Don’t Know Your Name“, а сега, во малку позрело издание, имаме можност да ја слушнеме и со една моќна и емотивна балада.

„I Don’t Know Your Name“ е новата песна на Мартија Станојковиќ

После минатогодишниот евровизиски хит, Мартија Станојковиќ повторно влезе во студио со Александар Масевски, а резултатот од сето тоа е новиот сингл насловен „I Don’t Know Your Name“. Најавена со фотографии од новиот изглед на младата кумановка, песната ветува дека ќе биде хит уште од првото слушање, а наскоро се очекува да добие и свој видео запис.

Martija Stanojković – Writings on the wall

Martija Stanojković in the final of the competition fighting for the title Pinkove star. It will cross swords with Marko Bosnjak.

Marty performed the song “Writings on the wall,” and while she sang the audience and jury leave the musical pleasures that they afforded Pink stars.

– Narrowed my eyes. Awesome was, congratulations – said Jelena.

– Harry says you’re over the star, and I think you’re a celestial star – said Leontina.



Martija Stanojković – Bound To You

Martija Stanojković – Bound To You

Martija Stanojković performed in the second final night “Pink stars” beautiful ballad “Bound To You” from the movie “Burlesque”

Martija Stanojković (12) present in the second final night “Pink stars’ singing Christina Aguilera” Bound To You “, and totally impressed the jury, as his vocals, and complete artistic performance.

Twelve year old Marty clear charmed all with his performance in the studio, and the jury members had only compliments.

– You are absolutely hypnotized us, you’ve got serious power, everyone was looking at you – said Milan Stankovic, while Jelena Tomasevic commented that this was a performance for an Oscar!

– I’ll tell you something that I have not said in this competition. T’re my absolute winner! You look like you’re 12 years old and on the scene as you had on the 25th’re amazing! I’m too personal when it comes to you – said Goca Trzan and Leontina is only stated that in some moments, her breath …


Source: www.telegraf.rs

Martija Stanojković – Don’t Be So Shy

Martija Stanojković – Do not be so shy – (24. 06.) – forty second issue – FIRST FINALE
The thirteenth is presented Martija Stanojković (12). She chose the song “Do not be so shy,” Imany.
Friends say that Martija wonderful girl that everyone loves and that her wish good luck and success.
It’s beautiful, pretačno, great choreography, to me this is really broke the leg. Bravo, “said Sale.
“You have the power to be anything you want and that all that you’re the best. I told you’re the best. I can not wait to record the song, if you do not record it, I’ll shoot, “said Milan.

Martija Stanojković – Teško bez tebe

‘Make It Rain‘ was the first song that was featured Martija.

‘We could not teleport directly to the finals, “she said Goca a smile. Another song by Marty sang was ‘tesko bez tebe’. After that ensued regard, aspiring to a standing ovation!

‘I was so looking forward to when you need to sing because I know I am waiting for one big emotion, “said Goca and Macedonia announced that Martija should represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest.

‘I wish you luck and see you in the super finals, “said Milan.

Martija Stanojković – Elastic heart

Martija Stanojković sang the song “Elastic Heart” and completely brilliant!

– To me this was the best performance tonight. This is how it was perfect. As a world performance that I watched. Sung, enacted, all. Behind you, in front of you. Goose bumps me three times in the song. I’m taken aback, the fiftieth time – said Hari Mata Hari.

– Complete in every sense. She can sing what they want and this is going to sound celestial every time. Every time we enjoy it and we listen and we can not wait to see what you’re going to sing. It is simply a real pleasure. And tonight you’re especially nice, you remind me of Jessica Alba – said Jelena Tomasevic.

– As we have a category of small stars that we have a show, so we have a category of international stars, and there you are sacrosanct. What you tonight performed exceed the limits of the domestic show. youSource: www.pinkovezvezdice.info

Martija Stanojković – Uncover

Martija Stanojković the semifinals chose the song “Uncover”. Marko Kon’s first comment on Martija. He normally works behind the scenes with competitors.

“I am very proud that I had the opportunity to work with you. And yet I can brag about! “He said.

The first is that you are better, the second is that you’re the best and the third is that you’re the best,” said Milan. Jelena claims that Marty always spectacular. “Always in a specific way and done to perfection,” said Jelena, adding that they will vote.

“I’m tired because I have no more to say. This is commendable. Best, here! “Was short Hari.

Leontina girl seen as a world star. “I told you I want you all help in achieving your dream.”

Source: pinkovezvezdice.info

Martija Stanojković – Najgora

Martija Stanojković – Najgora

sang the song “Najgora (worst)”. “Tonight you chose the song” worst “but I think you’re the best. I think you are a great singer, “commented Milan. Jelena Martija believes the singer and actress.

“It is in my opinion the most complete. The beautiful, bred, actress … when you go out it wins the stage. When you stand before a microphone it is transformed, these of average songs make art, not everyone, “said Goca, adding that the girl deserves international career.

I thought that we would not surpass the first season when it comes to quality. Now I see that I would be right. Everything they said it stands, not to repeat. From something, do more, it is the knowledge, skills, “was sincere Hari. Leontina is said to enjoy her singing.

“You are most amazing, destroyer.


Martija Stanojković – Od mene se odvikavaj

In the fourth group acting Veljko Cacic, Alex Vuckovic, Nika Puric and .

 Martija Stanojković she sang a song by Milan Stankovic “Od mene se odvikavaj” The jury was thrilled.

– It sounds like Rita Ora to sing local song- said Goca.

I’m hot as far as this has been vigorously! Thank you surprised me to hear its song in your performance. It was wonderful, perfect- said Milan Stankovic.

– It was fantastic. This is a great “cover”. It has the power to experiment, she is so confident doing that you can not do not trust her.

– After this, I’ll never listen to Milan Stankovic in this song- said Leontina.

Martija has received maximum points from the jury and went directly to the semifinals.




Martija Stanojković – On The Floor

Martija Stanojković sang a song Jennifer Lopez “On The Floor” and his singing, and great stage presence, won all five votes.

– Bravo, Marty. Thank you for this wonderful performance. You’re prettier than Jennifer Lopez – said Marijana Micic.

– I sing better and more beautiful than J-Lo! I was at her concerts and she sings most of the songs on playback. You played and sang and were great – said Jelena Tomasevic.

Milan Stankovic objected as with Marty on the scene were only two players and added:

– Another criticism is the choice of the song! You can do much more than this. Do you have a loan and you just go out and start to sing and the rest three minutes to shut up and gone to.

– It showed the wealth of their talent. I’m telling talents, in the plural, not just singing, it’s not an act, it’s not just a dance, it’s an enormous charisma! You have the charisma stars, it is at your present and deservedly you got an A. – said Leontina.

– All perfect, perfect! I have no words. As you come from the world scene. This is for a ten – said Hari.

– People underestimate this song. But here there are so many things that hell that is done! Therefore, my sun, you can have a cook and read, it makes no difference to me, because you sing great, I love this – she said Goca Trzan.