Elena Bimbiloska – Parla piu piano

Elena Bimbiloska – Parla piu piano – (24. 06.) – forty second issue – FIRST FINALE

The second presentation Elena Bimbiloska (15). She chose the song “Parla piu piano”, Gianni Morandi-Godfather.

Friends from this competition have qualified it as a girl who was much more shy in the beginning because it is not well-known Serbian language but, as they say, later abandoned and become many good friends.

“When he came down the stairs, she looked like a giant. Then he began to sing this aria her magic. Indeed, you’re the girl that all can. I understand that in you lies an Italian scene. I can see a nice, beautiful career, “said Leontina.

“It’s amazing to me it looked like a musical,” said Hari.

“I’ve been great. I think this is an ideal opportunity to show what’s your serious advantage and characteristic which is different, “said Milan Stankovic.

Elena Bimbiloska – Crazy in love

Elena Bimbiloska introduced the song by Beyonce, “Crazy in Love”. She was delighted with his performance, the judges enjoy performances semi-finalists. It is through this competition a lot of progress, but as he himself remarked the jury, all of their suggestions was accepted and applied.

– Choose an opera aria for the next time, this is my counselor said Goca Trzan.

– I do not know if you kept this dancing to end. It’s very nice when you hear what you all exchange of genres and I’m really likes it said Milan Stankovic.

Source: pinkovezvezdice.info