Тажно видео за гушкање на дистанца меѓу ќерка и мајка

Состојбата со Коронавирусот со себе донесе и многу траорни и трагични семејни драми.


На социјалните мрежи попладнево се појави видео на кое извесно лице вербално напаѓа Кинези во центарот на Скопје.

Лицето ги снима и ги пцуе, а нападнати молчат и се обидуваат да го избегнат конфликтот.

Kога ќе постигнеш гол ’несакајќи’… (ВИДЕО)

Папис Сисе, поранешниот фудбалер на Њукасл во моментов игра за Шандонг Луненг и на последниот натпревар за својот клуб постигна еден од најсмешните голови во кинеската Прва фудбалска лига.

koga ke postignes gol nesakajki кога ќе постигнеш гол ’несакајќи’

Rio 2016: A marriage proposal at the Olympics medal ceremony

There are dramatic marriage proposals – and then there’s proposing during the biggest sporting competition in the world.

Chinese diver He Zi had just received a silver medal for the women’s three-metre springboard at the Rio Olympics on Sunday.

But she ended up with another prize when her boyfriend Qin Kai, in front of a global TV audience, went down on one knee.

Luckily for Qin, who himself won bronze in the men’s three-metre synchronised springboard last week, He Zi said yes.

“We’ve been dating for six years, but I didn’t expect him to propose today,” she said. “He said a lot of things, made a lot of promises, but I think the thing that touched me the most is I think this is the guy I can trust for the rest of my life.”

But some viewers have suggested that his shock proposal stole the limelight from her other precious metal, her Olympic medal.

China’s Transit Elevated Bus Debuts at Beijing Intel High Tech Expo

 China’s Transit Elevated Bus Debuts at Beijing Intel High Tech Expo

China, a country infamous for its hellish traffic and inexperienced drivers, is thinking outside the box to solve its public transit woes. Re-introducting: the TEB.

The Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) is a homegrown invention in which bus passengers would ride above, while traffic slips conveniently underneath. It’s something that they’ve been kicking around for some time now and recently, at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo, we saw a real honest-to-god mini model.

According to the engineer in charge of the project, each “bus” would have a carrying capacity of 1,200 people. Similar to a subway, it would cost five times less and take only a year to finish. Sounds awesome, where/when do we start?

Well, apparently in Hebei’s Qinhuangdao city in the second half of this year, if CCTV reports are to be believed.