Македонија меѓу првите земји од регионот која подготви билатерален договор за регулирање на односите со Британија по Брегзит

‘I want my life back’ – Farage resigns as UKIP leade

Farage resigns as UKIP leader

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) Nigel Farage resigned from his position in Mourad, London.

At a press conference intended to detail UKIP’s plans following the Britain’s EU referendum result, Farage stepped down, saying that “during the referendum I said I want my country back. And what I’m saying today is I want my life back.”

Scuffles break out at anti-Brexit rally in Southampton

Scuffles break out at anti-Brexit rally in Southampton

Scuffles broke out between anti-Brexit protesters and police in Southampton, Saturday, as activists took to the streets to oppose a planned far-right march which hailed the referendum result.
Protesters were seen holding flares and signs reading “Keep Southampton tidy. Kick the racists out.” During the rally a TV crew was allegedly set upon by members from the antifa group, however no arrests were made.
In the ten days following the ‘Brexit’ referendum, there was an increase in reports in racial, sexual and religious related offences.

Nigel Farage Admits NHS Claims Were A Mistake

Nigel Farage today admitted it was a “mistake” for the Leave campaign to pledge that the weekly £350 million saving in EU contributions could be spent on the NHS instead.

The Ukip leader was confronted on ITV’s Good Morning Britain by presenter Susanna Reid just hours after the UK backed Brexit.

Reid quizzed Farage on whether he could guarantee the bold pledge promoted on the side of a much-photographed battle bus would be delivered on.

Farage responded simply: “No I can’t,” and added that it was a “mistake” of the official Vote Leave campaign to have made the claim in the first place.

Reid rebutted him saying: “Hang on a moment, that was one of your adverts”.

Farage insisted that it was in fact a claim carried by the official ‘Vote Leave’ campaign, not his own party’s ‘Leave.EU’, but still acknowledged it was wrong.

But Reid fired back that the pledge may have influenced a lot of people to vote Brexit.

She asked: “You’re saying, after 17m people have voted for Leave based – I don’t know how many people voted basis of that advert, but it was a huge part of the propaganda – you’re saying that was a mistake?”

Farage responded that the contribution – which he said was more than £350m a week – could be spent on public services including “the NHS, schools or whatever it is”.

The figure has been criticised repeatedly in the past for being “misleading”, including by the UK Statistics Authority.