Погледнете го победничкиот настап на Денис и Антонија во „Кастинг талент шоу“

Во Македонската опера и балет вчера се одржа суперфиналето на „Кастинг талент шоу“, во чии рамки се одбраа главните улоги за првиот македонски мјузикл „Тајно моја“, насловен по истоимениот евергрин на Тоше Проески.

Иако на самиот крај жирито одлучи на сите 9 суперфиналисти да им додели улоги во претстојниот мјузикл, победниците што ќе ги имаат главните улоги беа Антонија Гиговска и Денис Димоски. Триумфот го одбележаа и со заеднички настап, изведувајќи ја познатата тема „The Prayer“ од Селин Дион и Андреа Бочели, во кој можете да уживате горе.

Antonia Gigovska – I will always love you

Antonia Gigovska performed the song “Will Always Love You.”

“Better than the original, more beautiful and alive” was clear Harry.

“This was perfect, let’s see if there’s some clever anything to add,” said Milan, who was thrilled.

“Wonderful, fantastic, magnificent,” said Sale.

“You Broadway, Hollywood, Walk of Fame, you deserve to be a role model to young people, you are a serious top singing. Antonio Bravo, “raved the Leontina contestant. www.pinkovezvezdice.info

Antonia Gigovska – And I m Telling You

Antonia Gigovska – And I m Telling You

And I am telling you – (01 07) – forty-third issue – OTHER FINALS

Antonio Gigovska the other semifinal chose a song titled “And I am telling you.”

“It’s amazing how she sang! Every time we raspametiš his voice, “said the first Jelena. Milan added that Antonio chooses songs that are difficult to perform.

“I think you’re here unattainable, can only congratulate you.” Goca said that the girl has a talent that is admirable.

“This was perfect, congratulations! I admire you and your talent. ”

“I strangled and how well you sing,” he said jokingly Harry.

Source: www.pinkovezvezdice.info

Antonia Gigovska – Domino

Antonia Gigovska – Domino – (24. 06.) – forty second issue – FIRST FINALE

Tenth be presented by Antonio Gigovska (14). She chose the song “Domino,” Jessie J.

Antonia has completely changed the image and surprised everyone in the studio.

You sweet. It is not easy, man is Zamora could smell such performance or to you that nothing was heard. They hit right on target, “said Leontina.

“You’re in this show all showed. Well, tonight and transformation “, was brief Hari.

“In addition to Eve, it was another surprise of the evening. This was not expected from you. Tonight I saw a new line of your personality that suits you perfectly, “said Jelena.