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Tag: Antonia Gigovska

Погледнете го победничкиот настап на Денис и Антонија во „Кастинг талент шоу“

Во Македонската опера и балет вчера се одржа суперфиналето на „Кастинг талент шоу“, во чии рамки се одбраа главните улоги за првиот македонски мјузикл „Тајно моја“, насловен по истоимениот евергрин […]

Antonia Gigovska – I will always love you

Antonia Gigovska performed the song “Will Always Love You.” “Better than the original, more beautiful and alive” was clear Harry. “This was perfect, let’s see if there’s some clever anything […]


Antonia Gigovska performed composition “Billie Jean”. The contestant said that he felt great in the super final. “It’s rude, effectively, winning, spectacular” was clear Harry and Leontina’s Antonio compared with […]

Antonia Gigovska – And I m Telling You

Antonia Gigovska – And I m Telling You Antonia Gigovska – And I am telling you – (01 07) – forty-third issue – OTHER FINALS Antonio Gigovska the other semifinal […]

Antonia Gigovska – Domino

Antonia Gigovska – Domino – (24. 06.) – forty second issue – FIRST FINALE Tenth be presented by Antonio Gigovska (14). She chose the song “Domino,” Jessie J. Antonia has […]

Antonia Gigovska – Resentement

Antonia Gigovska performed under number 13 She chose the song “Resentement” by Beyonce and blew my mind the studio audience. The jury praised her voice and that always works safely […]

Antonia Gigovska – Listen

Antonia Gigovska – Listen Antonia Gigovska chose the song “Listen”. All were impressed Antonijinm singing “This is madness!” Said Jelena. Milan contestant compared with big singers such as Whitney Houston […]

Antonia Gigovska – Dve liri

Antonia Gigovska flashed in the sixth round of the most watched regional music competition “Pink star.” Young again from Skopje with Macedonian song captivated the popular five-member jury and studio […]

Antonia Gigovska – Mahovina

Antonia Gigovska – Mahovina Antonia Gigovska opened tonight’s show. She sang the song Sara Jovanovic “mahovina” and impressed the jury and the audience in the studio. – I do not […]